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SondeMonitor decodes the messages from both analogue (6-tone) radiosondes (Vaisala RS80 series) and digital radiosondes (Vaisala RS92SGP and RS92AGP series) using a simple UHF scanner receiver and the soundcard of a PC or laptop. SondeMonitor generates a data file of the raw sample frequency data from analogue radiosondes and the raw hex data from digital radiosondes. SondeMonitor displays the raw measurand data in either table form or graphical form as a quick look and to identify the balloon burst instant. SondeMonitor displays the decoded data in either table form or graphical form (right). A median filter and a smoothing filter are both supplied to improve the signal to noise ratio of the telemetry from analogue sondes that lack the error checking machanisms of the digital sondes. SondeMonitor can display the decoded telemetry data from a digital sonde in a real-time using a Stueve diagram (below right) that develops as the sonde ascends. The diagram shows temperature and humidity against log pressure (altitude) together with measured wind data if the GPS telemetry decode is armed. SondeMonitor can display a map showing the ground track of digital (GPS) radio sondes during their flight mission or processed from the telemetry data afterwards (right) It can also ouput the current sonde position as a pseudo-GPS receiver in serial NMEA format. SondeMonitor can display a window showing the real time distance and direction of the sonde. If you have a GPS receiver connected to SondeMonitor, it will display the relative bearing of the sonde with respect to your direction of travel. This greatly facilitates pursuit of the sonde.

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